Digital Research Brought to Life: acmi X Pop-Up @ Open Day

Open Day, The University of Melbourne

20 August, 2017

I’m very fortunate to be a resident at the creative industries co-share space, acmi X, which is affiliated with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square in Melbourne. This residency program is the result of a partnership between ACMI and the Faculty of Arts/Faculty of VCA and MCM at The University of Melbourne. See this press release for more details about this partnership.

To showcase the work being done as part of this partnership, two of my fellow residents, Alexa Scarlata and Robbie Fordyce, and I participated in a presentation seminar as part of the exhibition events at the University of Melbourne’s 2017 Open Day.

Alexa Scarlata — PhD Candidate, Cultural Studies

“Streaming’s Homogenisation of Televisual Cultural Specificity”

Robbie Fordyce — PhD Candidate, Media and Communications

“3D Printing Research”

Tara Lomax — PhD Candidate, Screen Studies

“Relocating Digital Post-Production: Hollywood VFX in Melbourne”

In this presentation I talked about a research project I started earlier this year on Australia’s post, digital, and visual effects industry, which specifically looks at the VFX work made in Melbourne for Hollywood productions. This is an ongoing project that I began early in 2017 and first presented on at the Screening Melbourne conference at RMIT University. It has evolved into a significant research interest for me that I am continuing to work on and I have the opportunity to present on this topic at a number of other events.

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